What do
we do?

  1. Financial resources management

      > Management of financial risks/Identity management.

      > Implementation of working capital policies (inventories, receivables, payables).

      > Raising of new resources (debt or equity) and other processes.

      > Implementation of cash committee.

      > Debt restructuring (volume, costs, term, guarantees).

    • > Sale of less profitable activities.

      > Sale of assets

    Financial and administrative processes

      > Improvement of financial, accounting and tax management.

      > Review of the chart of accounts and cost center structure.

      > Coordination for the ERP adequacy.

      > Adequacy of the administrative and financial area structure.
  2. Management and Budget

      > Creation of active controllership processes.

      > Review and creation of internal controls.

      > Review of the annual budget and long term planning.

      > Budget monitoring.

      > Review of performance indicators and implementation of KPIs.



Motivations for
Financial Restructuring

1 / Operational Restructuring


> Internal reorganization to support growth.

> Maximizing of the value for an M&A transaction.

> Decrease of revenues and cash flow generation.

> Inappropriate investments.

> Potential liquidity crisis.

Main Actions:

> Improvement of the administrative-financial management: processes and systems.

> Review of the financial planning.

> Implementation of budget controls.

> More rigorous working capital management.

> Corporate Governance processes.

2 / Debt Restructuring


> Excessive indebtedness.

> Financial expenses exceed cash flow generation.

> Inappropriate credit.

> Covenants breach with the financial institution.

Main Actions:

> Actions for preserving cash.

> Review of the budget and planning.

> Sale of less profitable activities.

> Sale of assets.

> Renegotiation with creditors.

3 / Bankruptcy Protection


> Failure to honor financial obligations.

> Debt renegotiation with court procedures.

Main Actions:

> Support in the preparation of Business Plan.

> Evaluation of debt payment capacity.

> Support in the preparation of the Bankruptcy Protection plan.

> Renegotiation with creditors.

A brief overview of the Financial Restructuring and Management projects already executed by Volt Partners

  • MH Studios Implementation of an integrated management system and associated processes in the commercial, production, financial, accounting and tax areas.
  • Clinica de Olhos Moacir Cunha Implementation of improvements in financial management, operational processes, treasury and control.
  • Mol Editora Support to shareholders on the implementation of financial process improvements: accounting, treasury and control.

The partners of the M&A area have extensive experience, having been partners and held management
positions in other companies that were involved in many transactions, of which we highlight the ones presented here.